Limit the time that you spend with him.

Limit the time that you spend with him.

You may love him with your whole heart but you should control yourself when it comes to the number of hours or days that you spend with him. ghd hair straighteners Make yourself scarce sometimes. Once he realizes that he has to compete with other people for your schedule, then he would do all he can just so he could spend time with you.

Turn your phone on silent mode.

This is so you won't be tempted to answer it when it rings. Just be contented with the missed calls from him that you'd see. Don't allow him to smother you with lots of phone calls. jewelry necklaces Doing so would make him more eager to speak with you and spend time with you soon.

Pretend to lose interest in him

It is a man's nature to conquer a woman that he loves. And if you desire to have him want you badly, then pretend to lose interest in him. This will make drive him to regain your attention - and that is something that you would want!

Be a least with him.

Tease him and he'll keep coming back for more of you. Touch him on the right areas, supra skytop also don't forget to use your gorgeous eyes and winning smile.

Be the ultimate temptress.

So what if women flock around him? What matters to your man is YOU because you're all that he ever wants. A man that's satisfied in bed wouldn't go looking for enjoyment elsewhere.

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